Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Privacy Policy

The Lever Paralegal Agency Inc. will treat as confidential and will not disclose or communicate to anyone, either orally or in writing, any information developed or obtained during the performance of our work without the prior written consent of our clients. All such information will remain the exclusive property of the client and will be held in trust and confidence and used only as may be required for the identified purposes of our work.

The Lever Paralegal Agency Inc. will collect and disclose the personal information that you give for the purpose of providing you with the services that you require. To protect it’s confidentiality, access to this information will be restricted to those who require the information for the identified purposes.

When necessary, this information may be shared with others to fulfill the identified purposes and to any other person that the client authorizes or that is authorized by law. This acknowledges that information may be transmitted by facsimile (fax), e-mail, postal service, courier service or telephone, and we cannot completely guarantee the security or privacy of the information that is transmitted through these channels.