Tuesday, October 27, 2020


“Amazing Colleagues

I write to express our thanks to all of you for a  job well done!  Jill and Lauren’s presence, professionalism and approach to the situation, proved encouraging at a time when we needed it most.  David, you have assembled a great team of intelligent and professional women.

A Testa

PS:  please pass this on to Lauren  (“A Bright Shining Star”)


Dianne Leonard
Capital One Bank Canada

“I would just like to thank David Lever of "Lever Paralegal Ottawa" for his most professional help.

David is passionate about being a Paralegal. He is professional, organized and very easy to understand. No legal jargon that a lay person does not understand. Even the judge commented on the organized way my case was presented which made every ones job that day easier. I felt confident that everything was going to be OK and it was. I won my case and I am relieved it is done and over with. David tells you the truth about your case before you sign on with him so you can make a decision on whether on not you want to pursue your grievance. Thank you David I hope I never have to use your services again but you will be the first I call if I need you.”

Extremely satisfied Client,
Karen Goodfellow

“When I walked into The Lever Paralegal Agency's office for the first time, I did not know what to expect as my case was unique in some ways. However I followed my instincts and relied on the Agency’s services to assist me in winning my case. I was impressed with the Agency’s continuous communication with me throughout the entire resolution process. I was also pleased with the end result of my case. I would highly recommend The Lever Paralegal Agency – many thanks again!”


“Mr. Lever's level of professional understanding, attention to detail and conduct is very high. I am very pleased to have Mr. Lever represent a case involving Landlord & Tennant last year. He is very attentive, patient and provided high quality and important advice which expedited the complex process of the law.

I have on another occasion asked him for advice outside of the issue Mr. Lever presided over and he always follow up with equal amount of attention and care.

I would recommend his service and professionalism to others and use Mr. Lever again in the future.”

Janice Ling, ILSEO

“You're great Dave, thank-you!

Jennifer Boychuck

“When we contacted the Lever Paralegal Agency with a landlord / tenant problem, David met with us to discuss our issues and we immediately felt a great weight lifted off our shoulders. David and his team looked after every detail of our case and continued to provide periodic updates as the process moved along to its successful conclusion. The whole process was concluded quickly, easily and completely to our satisfaction.

We highly recommend The Lever Paralegal Agency to anyone in need of their services.”

Steve & Maureen Taylor
Ottawa, ON

“I would sincerely and without reservation recommend the legal services provided by The Lever Paralegal Agency to those corporate landlords involved in disputes at the Landlord and Tenant Board or in the Small Claims Court of Ontario.

Mr. Lever is a gifted and determined litigator and negotiator who has conducted some very difficult and complicated matters to remarkably successful conclusions for us.

Actually, I believe that we have only lost one case in all the years that we have utilized The Lever Paralegal Agency and that matter was reviewed by request at the Landlord and Tenant Board with Mr. Lever in attendance. A full hearing was obtained and the Tenant’s application was reheard and basically reversed. The decision of the second adjudicator was to cancel the original order and replace it with one that was extremely well received, personally and corporately. In that respect, he is very tenacious, but presents as intelligent, articulate and professional.”

Andre de Loλ
PMA Realty Consulting Ltd.

“I am in the process of some legal disputes and would not be able to pursue these issues without the help of a Paralegal. The Lever Paralegal Agency is providing me with full capacity of legal advice and allowing me to live in my means financially. I fully appreciate the services of a Paralegal as I can not afford the legal fees presented to my by a Lawyer. These amounts were outrageous, untouchable and these factors created extreme stress for me in receiving the legal advice I need. If it was not for the Paralegal Agency I would have to represent myself with no knowledge of the legal processes.”

Suzanne Faulkner

“I'd recommend Lever Paralegal services to anyone who wants reliable and trustworthy legal advice. They're prompt, professional and they know the law.”

Suzanne Robson, Tenant

“I had the privilege of using the services of Mr. David A. Lever of The Lever Paralegal Agency in Ottawa with regards to one of my real estate problems. I am pleased to say that Mr. Lever provided me with a high level of professional advice, guidance and service. He got our problem resolved in a most professional and efficient way, and as such, made me get out of the problem in an expedient manner.

I have now a sufficient confidence in his services and would recommend his name for legal services in his field of expertise to anyone”

Saiyad Rizva, Landlord

“Over the years, I have retained The Lever Paralegal Agency on many occasions to resolve the more complicated and challenging disputes that have occurred between Frank J. MacDonald Property Management Inc. and their multi-residential tenants.

The Lever Paralegal Agency handles our cases confidently and competently.

David Lever considers every conceivable solution to a dispute before deciding which course of action he will recommend to most advantage his multi-residential client. He has put my concerns at ease with his expertise and common sense approach to conclusively resolving problems to our benefit. Generally, I allow him a great deal of autonomy to accomplish the kind of results I expect. I would definitely recommend him to any other multi-residential landlord.”

Harvey Belfer, Frank J McDonald Property Management Inc.

“I let my fingers do the walking through the internet looking for a Paralegal to assist us with some pending legal action, and I came across the The Lever Paralegal Agency. What a find it was. I am so pleased with the professional and timely service that we receive from both David and Elizabeth. They are very knowledgeable and efficient both in the office and at Court. We have been successful with our endeavors and are pleased to recommend The Lever Paralegal Services to anyone who is looking for quick, efficient and cost effective legal services.”

Donna and Barry Lee
Ottawa Builder Sales
Ottawa, Ontario

“This letter will confirm that I have had the privilege of working with David Lever in his professional capacity as an independent paralegal. I find that he is knowledgeable, trustworthy and ethical.

On several occasions I have had to avail myself to the services that are provided by the Lever Paralegal Agency, and I was completely satisfied with the work that was provided.

I have indicated to Mr. Lever that I certainly would not hesitate to recommend his services to any of my business associates; or to have him represent me in any capacity as an independent paralegal.”

M. Ferris Smith
Boogaloo Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario